«WOODSTOCK» – long-term reliable partners of the best joinery production

«WOODSTOCK» company specializes in wholesale and retail trade in natural high-quality timber of valuable breeds and veneers, and also an edge material, a terrace and furniture boards.

It offers a wide range of materials both domestic and imported: any type of wood – from popular (oak, beech, ash, anegri, macore) to rare valuable, exotic species (ebony, bubingo, zebrano, rosewood, teak). On sale there is always veneer with unique textures-maple “bird’s eye”, karelian birch, walnut root, myrtle, ash, camphor, thuja, etc. Also on any choice various breeds of wood in the form of a dry cut board of chamber drying from 26 to 100 mm thick, imitation of popular breeds of wood with use of a natural tree in the form of the reconstructed interline interval of the certain sizes, with stable shades and texture are presented. In addition to various wood materials, «WOODSTOCK» provides a wide range of substances for the care and processing of wood products (from single-component and acrylic varnishes to polyurethane enamels).

The company, engaged in the sale and supply of natural veneer and lumber, in a short time was able to expand its network of filials and place them in major cities such as St. Petersburg, Khimki, Nizhny Novgorod, Lyubertsy, Carpets, Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don and Novosibirsk.

High quality of production is provided by careful selection by it’s own representatives in regions of purchase of material and the correct storage in well equipped warehouses, we provide availability of rather big product assortment. Flexible pricing policy, careful formation of orders, high quality products, professionalism and full dedication of all employees – the key to success of «WOODSTOCK».

The company uses international experience and at the same time takes into account the specificity of the russian market. Their employees are professionals with extensive experience in the field of veneer and lumber trade. The company regularly provides master classes and seminars on advanced technologies for working with the most modern materials.

«WOODSTOCK» – long-term reliable partners of the best joiner’s productions of our region, that is why our “First Joinery Studio” LLC successfully and productively cooperates with them for many years. Favorable and stable partnership with suppliers of «WOODSTOCK» give us the opportunity to fulfill any exclusive orders in the shortest possible time and at the best prices.