The difference between a carpenter and a joiner

Carpenter and joiner have a lot in common, in particular, these two professions are directly related to the finishing and building wood. Someone even calls these people representatives of the same craft, not seeing any difference between a carpenter and a joiner. But there is a quite substantial difference and seeing certain signs will prove that to you.

It is likely that just from the definition many have already made some conclusions about the work of the carpenter and a joiner and especially consided the differences between their crafts. For a better understanding, we listed the differences by points:

• The carpenter has more rough work. It is performed mainly with such tools as a hammer, axe, or hacksaw. However, a joiner is more of an art profession that has many shades. For example, it is very important to know some features of the décor and the design of the room in which the work is being done.

• The joiner in his work uses a maximum of woodworking tools, both machine tools and manual objects, while the carpenter is limited to only the tools mentioned in the first paragraph.

• The main task of a carpenter is woodworking while and a joiner makes complex wood parts used in various life circumstances. For example, there is a certain category of joiners that manufacture wooden parts for aircraft models.

• The carpenter can work on large-scale projects – for example, the construction of a wooden house. A joiner has a smaller but at the same time very accurate and delicate work. Of course, both jobs are difficult, but it is in terms of scale the work of a carpenter stands out against the work of a joiner.

• Another difference is that the joiner can work with metal. For instance, it can be a thread or assembly of structures. But the carpenter only works with wood.


Key difference

To be fair, it should be noted that in many cases these specialties are interchangeable. An experienced carpenter can build a table, and a highly qualified joiner can prepare logs for building a bath.
At the same time, it is necessary to separate both specializations. It should be noticed that the labor of the first is cruder, but it is characterized by precise measurements and smooth actions. A professional approach to work allows these specialists to be applied in the construction of buildings. In this case, even minor details play a role, otherwise such house will not last long.

Often, carpenters carry out initial work on wood, and only then joiners join. Usually they actively cooperate with each other at manufactures. A joiner can turn a tree into very attractive furniture, various accessories, and even sculptures. This fairly allows these masters to consider themselves to be creative individuals.