About company

For many years our “FIRST JOINERY STUDIO” LLC creates exclusive furniture, home decoration, exterior to order. And if you:

  • visited famous furniture stores and did not find what you need;
  • want to implement a unique architectural and / or design concept;
  • wish to own a unique item created exclusively for you;
  • have enough time and money to realize your ideas;
  • are a connoisseur and / or an art-collector, it is likely you will contact us.

We do not have large-scale production, which means that there are no pre-made models.

We carry out individual and small-scale orders, offering our customers a full range of services:

  • Draft design of your future product, which lists and presents: agreed with you appearance, materials, decorative elements, equipment, types of finishes, preliminary production time.
  • Documentation including: drawings of future products, specifications of equipment, accessories, auxiliary devices; tasks for related organizations (construction, electricity, plumbing equipment, etc.); specified production time.
  • Production of the developed products.
  • All kinds of works on installation of manufactured products at the facility.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.

Each of our clients, as well as each of our products, is unique. Each product that came out of our Studio, whether it is a pool table, a drawer, a desk, a door, a window or a staircase — is a unique author’s work. Its mandatory components are freedom of creativity and hard work.

We respect and carry on the tradition of joinery. And you can be absolutely sure that you will get a job that fully meets the agreements and your expectations and wishes, combining exceptional perfection of forms, attention to the smallest details, durability, and the highest quality.

Oleg Spichak, Ivan Kazakov


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